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Contacts Optimizer

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* We are temporarily giving this application for free. So dont hesitate to download now.Now you can have the professional contacts optimizer based on MOBILedit project in your phone!Your contacts are probably the most important piece of data in your phone, right? Smart Contacts Optimizer will thoroughly analyze your phonebook and bring it close to perfection in just a few easy steps. ? Local and cloud contacts supported, such as Google or Exchange? Fixing invalid contacts? Removing duplicates, finding similar contacts? Merging possible split contacts? Making your contacts international? Finding missing contacts in your messages and missed calls? Manual editing or deletingSmart Contacts Optimizer works with local and all synchronized contacts such as Exchange or Google. The optimizer fixes invalid contacts, duplicates or similar contacts. It also allows you to merge partial contacts and enhance your phone numbers into international formats making it possible to call while abroad. You can also edit or delete contacts manually during the optimization process.Most of the important corrections are done for you automatically. Just keep clicking the ‘Next’ button. More advanced corrections will be displayed where you can manually confirm them or come back to it later. You can cancel the optimization process at anytime and no changes will be made to your phonebook.Important note1:Please be aware that huge contacts databases such as few thousands may be not possible to process on your phone. Android will stop the application in these cases. It is not our fault or bug.Important note2:DIfferent phones have different implementation of accounts. If the application is not showing your contacts, please let us know what phone are you using, we will be happy to support it.


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