Comodo Anti-theft

Comodo Anti-theft

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All-in-one mobile tracker for swift retrieval of your missing smart phone COMODO Anti Theft (CAT) lets you quickly locate, protect and recover your missing phone or tablet As the 'Swiss army knife' of anti-theft applications, CAT provides multiple ways to find and protect your missing device. All security features are activated by text messaging a special code to your missing device and include device location, device lock, device wipe, take remote photograph and sound an alarm. Anti Theft Text Codes(txt to your missing device) locate#yourpassword alarm#yourpassword lock#yourpassword wipe#yourpassword takephoto#yourpassword Note: Replace 'yourpassword' with the Anti Theft password set up during configuration. Features: · Find your phone - Get CAT to send you the Google map location of your device. · Lock your phone - Just send a simple remote command and your phone is password protected at its home screen. · Wipe your phone - Erase all contacts, stored messages, browser bookmarks, conversations, music, video and other media files stored in both phone memory and the SD card. Prevent your confidential data from falling into evil hands. · Photo the thief - Requests the person with your phone to answer a text message then takes a photo of them while they are looking at the screen. The picture is then immediately emailed to you. · SIM card change alert - Sends an automatic SMS to your buddies phone if someone changes its SIM card. You can trace your mobile using the new number and send remote commands to locate or lock your phone. · Sound an Alarm - Make your device sound a full-volume siren and warning message, even if it is in silent mode. Comodo Anti Theft is easily configurable, simple-to-use and above all, it is available for FREE!!!


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