PUSH! + Play

PUSH! + Play

Improved performance
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Coca-Cola fans and game lovers, how awesome are your memory skills? Put ‘em to the test with Coca-Cola Freestyle® PUSH! + Play: a memory game that highlights the 100+ drink choices in Coca-Cola Freestyle® in a fun way, set to musical patterns. GAMEPLAY:1. Watch the pattern of each button light up to the sounds. 2. Repeat the pattern and hit the PUSH button. 3. Complete each of the brand’s PUSH patterns to win the level and score awesome achievements! PUSH your way to the top of the leaderboard and see how you rank against others around the world. Plus, rack up bragging rights by earning badges like “Lightning Fast” and “Brainiac!” Share ‘em with your friends to see who's the real PUSH! + Play pro! Want to take a break and try an Orange Coke®, Fanta® Raspberry or any of the other 100+ choices? Search the area for a Coca-Cola Freestyle® near you by using the radar. Just enter your zip or use your GPS to get directions and more info. FEATURES:-22 memory-crunching levels featuring each brand in Coca-Cola Freestyle® -Fun touchscreen buttons that play along to the melody-Use the leaderboard to keep your record times-Badges for unlocking cool game achievements-Share with Facebook and Twitter-Radar for finding a Coca-Cola Freestyle® near you

Improved performance

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