Jump Ball

Jump Ball

2.4.0 - Added 15 new levels. Now over 800. Reduced option 'Unblock level' at 100 balls lost. Minor bug fix.
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Jump Ball is an addictive game that will captivate bringing you into the world of bouncing balls. The objective of the game is to move the bouncy ball from the drop position to the end position along a path that will change at every level. On each path you will find numerous hurdles to overcome: holes, acid, bombs, virtual walls, flames, lifts, ghost ball, hidden bases, gravitational suspensory, throws balls of various kinds and much more in a system that will make it increasingly difficult reach the point of arrival (Almost 50 different type of obstacles). To control the ball, tap on the left or right side of the screen where you want to direct the ball and holding down to keep it moving until it reaches the desired position.
In case you have difficulties to overcome some hard levels, after 100 balls lost in the same layer, without go out, the game unlock next level!
- Over 800 levels available and many more coming with the new updates!
- Easy to learn, hard to master.
- Clean, colorful graphics HD, fun & very addicted
- Impossible challenges
- Addicting gameplay
- Intuitive controls
- Small memory occupation
- No time limits
- Stuck on a level? Unblock levels option after 150 ball lost
- Constant free updates with new levels and animations
- Totally free with nothing to pay
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- 新的更新可用,很多在800级别的更多来了!
- 简单易学,很难掌握。
- 清洁​​,丰富多彩的高清图形,有趣和非常容易上瘾
- 不可能挑战
- 游戏成瘾
- 直观的控制
- 小内存占用
- 无时间限制
- 滞留在一个水平?阻止水平选项后150球丢
- 恒免费更新与新的水平和动画
- 完全免费没事支付

2.4.0 - Added 15 new levels. Now over 800. Reduced option 'Unblock level' at 100 balls lost. Minor bug fix.

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