Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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"First rate apps...frankly, travel apps don't get much better than these." "The Chimani Guides are really first rate apps...frankly, travel apps don't get much better than these." - Mel Martin, TUAW "Chimani's National Parks apps are a worthwhile addition to your smartphone." - Casey Schreiner, Over 250+ unique points of interest (POIs) throughout Grand Canyon National Park. A 45+ minute audio/auto tour, GPS-enabled/custom-made map which works without a cell/wifi connection, daily Ranger-Led events schedule, sunrise/sunsets data for over a year, free shuttle bus schedule and route map, 150+ photographs, 35 hiking trail descriptions, scenic viewpoint guide, a special Safety section, and details on camping, lodging, dining, restrooms, parking, picnicking, and bicycling. RICH CONTENT: + Content has been written by a professional travel writer - not copy-and-pasted from the Park Service website!+ Over 150 photographs of park, featuring the works of Wayne Ranney from his book "Carving Grand Canyon"+ Descriptions for 35 of the most popular hiking trails with the park.+ Unique Safety section which details all the concerns while visiting the park.+ Location and description of EVERY restroom in the park!+ Location and description of EVERY parking lot in the park!+ Location and description of EVERY picnic area lot in the park!+ Details on lodging, stores, camping and dining options throughout the park! MAPS: + High resolution, custom-made map of the park. + Designed to work 100% without a cellphone/WiFi connection. + Over 30,000 map tiles pre-loaded to allow for detailed zoom levels.+ All trails labeled and displayed based on National Park Service supplied geographic information system data (GIS)+ Interactive map annotations. + GPS "where am I" function for the entire Park (does not work on non-GPS enabled devices such as the iPod Touch)+ Ability to turn on/off all points of interest "layers" on the map.  AUDIO/AUTO TOUR: + 45+ minute audio tour by a professional voiceover artist. + 91 points of interest located in the Village, Hermit Road, Desert View Drive, and North RIm areas. RANGER-LED EVENTS SCHEDULE: + Daily National Park Service Ranger-led events are pre-loaded.+ Includes the time, optional fees, accessibility, meeting location, and description.+ View multiple days of events.+ Updated on a regular basis. SUNRISE/SUNSET: + Sunrise and sunset data for seven of the best locations in the park+ View any date within 365 days into the future+ Updated on a regular basis INTERFACE:+ Universal National Park Service symbols.  + Search all content within the app.+ Favorites feature. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS:+ Weekly push notification for Grand Canyon National Park facts.+ Key event alerts.+ Update notifications as soon as they are available.


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