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Dark - Start Theme

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Want to give your Start screen a solid and elegant look? We have a great theme for you. Using the dark theme will make sure your start screen will fit any outfit, every time.
Welcome to the new Start! With Start, you get everything you care the most about, right from your Start screen.
Start gives you quick and easy access to all the important functions on your phone when you wake it up. Millions of people have tried and loved Start and we are sure that you would too.
Start makes using your phone easy, cool and saves you a lot of time. Start keeps you up to date with news feeds, social networks and more. It also provides rapid access to media, weather and music applications without unlocking your device.
To make Start even more fun, we have designed hundreds of FREE themes and plugins that you can choose from.
We have taken extreme care to make sure that Start uses minimal power. To give you maximum peace of mind, Start works perfectly with your native phone security.
With the new Start you can:
• Get an intuitive, simple and best in class user interface
• Easily launch multiple apps from the start screen
• Get a complete view of your social media networks on your start screen
• Enable as many starters as you want on-screen
• Launch the camera and any other media related app
• Call/text/email your friends and family without unlocking your phone
• Select your favorite theme or use your own personal picture as a background
• Choose and configure widgets e.g. date and time
• Search the web from the Start Screen
• Better performance
Connect with us: at http://startscreen.com/ or email us at start_support@celltick.com.
Follow the latest info about Start on Twitter (http://bit.ly/1jqQS27), on Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1knXEpq) and Google+ (http://bit.ly/1qUafWC)
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