PicCollage Beta

PicCollage Beta

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This is the BETA version of PicCollage, where you get to try the newest features first!!!PicCollage is the best way to create awesome collages of your friends and favorite stars, with stickers, text, web search! It lets you easily create fun collages from your mobile photos, Facebook photos and from the web. Use simple intuitive touch gestures to rotate, resize, edit and delete photos. Add text and photo effects to your collages, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, and email.PicCollage is a Top 10 Photo App in the US, Japan and many countries on iPad, iPhone and Android.Import photos from your photo library, your Facebook albums (and your friends' albums too), or use photos from the web to create a collage. There are also lots of fun backgrounds for you to choose from! Simple and intuitive touch gestures: - Tap to add photos and move them to front - Resize photos by stretching or pinching them - Rotate them with two fingers - Delete a photo with a simple flick - Add text in various fonts and colors- Tap-and-hold to move photo to the back of the collage- Double-tap a photo to edit photo, add filter effects, or draw! When you're done, share your collages on Facebook, Twitter, or email.


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