Empty Gmail Trash

Empty Gmail Trash

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The Android Gmail app is great! But there's one thing you can't do: empty your trash folder. Well now you can. With this app, you can easily empty your Gmail trash without leaving your Android device. With one tap, your trash will be permanently deleted from the Gmail servers. Empty Gmail Trash (EGT) features:? One tap emptying - All emails in your Gmail trash folder will be permanently deleted, with one tap. Just like clicking 'Empty Trash now' on your computer browser.? Security - EGT does not ask for, nor save, your Gmail password. Instead, you grant the app access via Google OAuth2. And you can revoke this access at any time.? Privacy - EGT only communicates with Google's servers, not ours.? No Ads - There are no ads, or other annoyances. We just hope you'll like EGT and consider purchasing EGT Pro. ? Automatic syncing of your device - EGT automatically syncs your device with Gmail servers, before and after emptying.? Automatic language detection - Is your Gmail account in another language? No problem, EGT automatically detects and selects your trash folder.? Moving to SD card - Running out of internal memory? Concerned that the app is a bit big? You can move EGT to your SD card.Benefits of upgrading to EGT Pro:? Empty both Spam and Trash with one tap - With EGT Pro, you can also empty your Gmail spam folder. Just like clicking 'Delete all spam messages now' on your computer browser.? Add a second Gmail address - Have two Gmail accounts on your phone or tablet? No problem, EGT Pro lets you add a second address.? Save time with 'Tap and Go' mode - With 'Tap and Go' active, EGT Pro retreats to the background to do it's work. You can carry on with other activities, and EGT Pro will advise when your trash is emptied. And once it's finished, EGT Pro automatically exits and removes itself from memory!Explanation of permissions used:'Network Communication' is needed to access your trash folder, and authorise your Gmail address. 'Storage (SD card)' is required to save EGT support files. 'Read Sync Stats' is needed to sync your device. When authorising your Gmail address, 'View and Manage Mail' is required to access and delete your Gmail trash, and 'Manage your Contacts' is needed solely to determine your Gmail address. The Google OAuth2 authorisation process does not return your Gmail address, so EGT makes a one-time call to Contacts to obtain it. Otherwise, EGT would not know which address was authorised. Only the authorised address is obtained by this method, no others.Questions? Tap Help in the app for an explanation of the app's options and an FAQ.Known issue: On some devices, using the Home button to switch to EGT can re-start the app. If this applies, just use the app's icon, a shortcut or Back to switch to EGT, rather than Home. If you like EGT, please let others know about it!


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