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This program opens a VPN connection through the bluetooth channel and implement reverse DUN features. It requires BlueDUN installed and running on the host device or a GPRS modemphone with an available BT DUN profile.INSTALLATION:1. Create the BT pairing between this client device with BlueVPN installed and the host device2. Make sure you have a valid internet connection and the BTDUN profile on host; if necessary install the BlueDUN app3. In case of direct modem connection no Android phones insert in the setting panel, the dial phone number, the access point and the other connection parametersNormal use:1. Activate the bluetooth interface or open the BlueDUN app on host device2. Open the BlueVPN app on client, click the host name in the BT device list3. While BlueVPN is connected you can open a browser and navigate the internet throught the bluetooth tetheringNOTE there are applications that cannot retrieve network data from the VPN connection due to an Android bug, please refer to the following list: WORK FINE: GMail Email POP3 IMAP Google Facebook Twitter You Tube Google Earth Google Maps Google Play browse only Google Goggles Kindle app eBay app SoundHound Web navigation ChromeFirefoxDolphin...DON39;T WORK: Google Play download Skype Zedge Tune In If you like this application please make a video and post it on youtube to show how it works to other users.You can also make a Paypal donation from the official blog





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