Seasons Live Wallpaper

Seasons Live Wallpaper

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Seasons Live Wallpaper contains 6 seasons: spring and Easter scene, summer sea, Halloween night, golden autumn, Christmas and New Year winter. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR LIVE WALLPAPER:Winter scene with Xmas attributes: Christmas tree, lights, snowman with Christmas countdown plate and beautiful snowflakes. Enjoy this Christmas Live Wallpaper with countdown! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!WINTER LIVE WALLPAPER: Nice winter live wallpaper. Funny snowman, house with fireplace, beautiful snowy mountains, fluffy snowflakes – all this will immerse you into winter spirit. Download this winter live wallpaper and enjoy frosty beautiful winter! HALLOWEEN LIVE WALLPAPER:Enjoy the atmosphere full of mystery and horror! Play with glowing pumpkins and see how beautifully they look in the dark. This edition doesn't have day mode so that you can adore night glow for the whole 24 hours. Interactive pumpkins, haunted house on the background, falling leaves, fog and rain... This all set the atmosphere of Halloween!AUTUMN LIVE WALLPAPER (FALL LIVE WALLPAPER):Sunny and flowery summer is replaced by voluptuous fall with it's yellow and red colors. Trees are covered with gold, it's raining a little bit and autumn leaves are falling down... Gorgeous leaf fall is activated by just one screen touch!Beautiful and picturesque autumn scene is now available for your device!SUMMER LIVE WALLPAPERThis bright and cheerful Live Wallpaper will amaze you! Soft waves of a beautiful seashore, green palms and deck chair under the canopy create amazing atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset, day and night on this beautiful beach. Download Summer Live Wallpaper and pretend yourself being at the sea!SPRING LIVE WALLPAPER:Spring has come! Fascinating spring scenery - a house near the lake and trees in blossom!Push the screen and perform a snowfall of petals in any place on the screen. You will be astonished by the multiple moving scenery! Install this Spring Live Wallpaper and feel the spring breath!EASTER LIVE WALLPAPER:One of the most holidays of the year is almost here! Traditional Easter eggs and Easter bunny (rabbit) are waiting for you! Have a great Easter!What's amazing about this live wallpaper is that it changes its' color depending on the time of the day. When the night comes exactly in your specific region, you will see how the wallpaper reflects what's going on in nature. Day or dawn, twilight or early morning - there is beauty any time of the day! Enjoy beautiful sunrise and calm down with gorgeous sunset.Make you device live in accordance with what's around!SETTINGSTo choose your live wallpaper season, go to the live wallpaper settings and select the right season.License Information:Uses Sunrise/Sunset Java Library released by LuckyCatLabs under the Apache License 2.0 Several seasons in the same live wallpaper- Interactive live wallpapers- This live wallpapers automatically evolves depending on the time of the day- Parallax background with scrolling (like 3D live wallpapers)- Live Wallpaper scrolling is also supported on Samsung Galaxy S 3 and HTC Sense- Supports tablet and HD resolutionsLike Live Wallpaper on FB: See news and backstage on


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