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Designed with Android TV and Android HDMI sticks in mind.Most apps have a Share button. So why does a Share button only work between apps on the same device? What if sharing worked generically across devices including your TV?Air-Share extends the Share feature for all Android apps to share media content between devices. It's not exactly a File Transfer app (but it can do that). It's not a DLNA/UPNP app (but it can replace that). It definitely beats emailing documents to yourself. It is not a Cloud service; there is a tiny web server running inside the Air-Share app. The shared files never leave your home network.If you have used Google's "Chrome To Phone" app then you are familiar with the concept. This app is designed to be more general purpose than Chrome To Phone; allowing the sharing of most anything from any app on any Android device, including large data streams. Air-Share will use your WiFi or Ethernet network, it is not recommended for use on Mobile data networks. It can share many media items that Chromecast cannot. It can queue your media links on Android TV as recommendations or notifications for later viewing. You can also share from PC/Mac/iPad to Android via your browser. The app is great for sharing between family members. Share with Amazon Kindle/Fire devices, Android HDMI sticks and older Google TVs. How to Use it:1) Install the app on your Android devices2) Perform a pairing between devices and you are ready to share3) Use the Share or Send feature in your favourite apps and when prompted, scroll and find the Air-Share icon. 4) Click on a paired device. (long-press to queue as notification)5) For non-android users, generate unique browser URLs for PC/Mac/iPad to share to your Android TV.The app builds on the intents filter and content provider features in Android. It intercepts SEND, VIEW and SEND_MULTIPLE Intents and transfers files and intents across your Wifi or Ethernet network.This is not a cloud service. Your files stay on your local network. Transferred files are saved in your downloads directory. It is your responsibility to delete them.- share YouTube videos- share links from your Facebook, G+ or RSS feeds- transfer photos and videos from your Gallery apps- share web-links, magnet urls, etc- cut & paste text between devices (requires long-press)- share files and office documents from your favourite file explorer (tested with Astro and ES Explorer)- transfer and play instantly, music and movie files (mp3, mp4, etc), or queue as notifications to enjoy later- share Google Maps markers- share App links from the Play Store- share location , GPS coordinates, KML files, Google Tracks- share contacts, people, vCards- share files and web-links from any device with an HTML-5 browser on your network.Nexus Player users - if you are having trouble sharing YouTube and other web links with your Nexus Player then try installing the "Now Browser" on your player. (See the side-loading note below.) App Side-loading: You can use Air-Share in combination with "APK Share & Backup" (com.kayan.nurav.apkshare) to side-load apps from your phone to your Android TV. Install Air-Share on both devices and pair them. Load "APK Share & Backup" on your phone and choose which app to share. Choose Air-Share as the share destination and then choose your Android TV as the destination. (You must change your settings to allow loading apps from outside the play store.) As there is no Web Browser shipped on the Nexus Player, you may want to side-load the "Now Browser" in addition to apps like QuickPic (Jpeg viewer). When side-loading from your phone keep in mind that the Nexus Player is an x86 device while your phone is likely ARM based, so native apps may have issues.If you find something the app won't share, please email me at the address on the Play page.






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