MPC Dubstep Maker

MPC Dubstep Maker

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NEW UPDATE ACCORDING WITH NEW GOOGLE TERMS AND... MORE SOUNDS!!THANKS ALL FOR YOUR DOWNLOADS!!MPC Dubstep!! Out now totally FREE to make music!! Enjoy making dubstep, beats, electro, hip hop, drumstep, techno, house, drum n bass... now you are the composer!!Feel the multitouch MPC like the best music makers in the world, Skrillex, Downlink, Eptic, Genetix, Datsik, Cookie Monsta... become a dubstep maker!!MPC Dubstep allows you to touch buttons simultaneously and make your own music. MPC has been created for people who want to make dubstep and beats everywhere, everytime.With a high-quality sample collection with no compression, only wav files with the best audio quality to make awesome music. Amazing dubstep loops with a perfect response to your touch.Now you are a beatmaker, you can make dubstep, beats, play dubstep... Show your friends that you are MPC Boss!!Remember that this app is totally FREE, in next launches we´ll offer more audio samples with very different samples.An amazing app to make dubstep with your fingers.Ad supported app. Start now and make your dubstep music!


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