juegos gratis

juegos gratis

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Enjoy the best gaming application exists, classic games, memory, war and action, all in one application, and most importantly, you will not need internet connection to play, the games are stored directly on the card memory or phone memory.MULTI GAMES IN 1 APPLICATIONCombat AircraftSquish ants and other bugsFind the differencesTank ShooterPuzzle GamesClassic games to test your mental and visual skills, such as find the 5 differences between two images, before the time runs out, use the aids, but beware that only have five.From the classic game crushes ants, to an exciting game of combat aircraft, where the aircraft is controlled with the sensor of the phone.War games, arcade and action. With Tank Shooter shoot all the tanks appearing on the screen, destroying the land and score your way to the tank.Games with sensors such as crushed ants, you have to control a ball with accelerometer sensor, and pursue all kinds bugs and insects, to crush all you can and get the highest score.All free games of this application allows you to save high scores to compete and compare with your family or friends, who is the king of game!Puzzle game of classic games like chess, poker, football, platform games and strategy games.No internet connection required to play these games for free, preferably be stored on your memory cardSelect automatic updates, free games of this application are regularly updated with new levels and characters.All games images are obtained through licensing. Contact us for more information.


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