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Formula Legend

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Formula racing fan looking for something a little different? Formula Legend is for you - it's an insanely addictive, unique simulation, strategy game where you visit all 19 rounds of the Formula Legend season.
"Desirable new release... focus on the strategic elements of grand prix racing as you try to work your way from the back to the front of the grid in career mode." - Autosport Magazine UK
“Definitely a must for F1 fans, particularly during the off season” - Jack Leslie on F1
“The easy-to-play and extremely addictive F1 simulation game is here” - F1 Fans Mag
"Simple, fun and rather addictive"… "potential to be a very popular game over the next year" - Developer's Accomplice
Make decisions about your driver aggression, tyre strategy and fuel on a lap-by-lap basis, occasionally being thrown into challenges, including timing the start of the race and top-down driving challenges.
Upgrade to PRO Pack for wet weather conditions, safety cars, and driver/team editor - switch driver lineups while retaining their skill levels. See how Kimster will go in a Prancing Horse, Dan in a Red Ass, Messa in a Frank's, or even Vellet in a Cat In Hand!
* Insanely addictive - you wont be able to put it down once you experience the thrill of running your own race team
* Looks amazing - built for high resolution devices
* Google Play Game Services integration lets you see how you compare to your friends
* Use your winnings to upgrade your car to improve it's performance
* Driving challenges including the hairpin challenge and chicanes
* Decide whether to listen to your Team Principal when they issue team orders
Are you up for the Formula Legend challenge?
We're working hard to expand the game, and we want to get you involved. To provide input into the future direction of the game visit
This app is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies. F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V.
一级方程式赛车迷寻找的东西有点不同?公式传说是给你的 - 这是一个疯狂上瘾,独特的模拟,战略游戏,你访问的所有19轮的传奇式的赛季。
“理想的新版本...专注于大奖赛的战略要素,当你试图以你的方式从背部到电网在生涯模式中的前面。” - 汽车运动杂志英国
“这绝对是一个必须的F1车迷,尤其是在淡季” - 杰克·莱斯利在F1
“这种易于播放,非常令人上瘾的F1模拟游戏就在这里” - F1车迷弹匣
“简单,有趣和令人上瘾,而”...“可能成为一个非常流行的游戏在未来的一年” - 开发人员的共犯
升级到PRO包潮湿的天气条件下,安全车,和司机/团队编辑器 - 开关驱动器的阵容,同时保留他们的技能水平。见Kimster将如何走在跃马,丹在红屁股,安魂在弗兰克的,甚至Vellet的猫在手!
*疯狂上瘾 - 你不会可以把它放下,一旦你遇到运行自己车队的快感
*看起来惊人 - 专为高分辨率的设备
这个程序是非官方的,不以任何方式与一级方程式集团公司的关联。 F1,一级方程式,一级方程式赛车,国际汽联一级方程式世界锦标赛,大奖赛和相关标志是一级方程式许可BV的商标

In this release...

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