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Snake Slider Lite

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Snake Slider Lite is an innovative new puzzle game. The goal is to slide the green snake to the exit. This sounds easy but only the most clever players can solve all of the increasingly difficult puzzles.The first puzzle set introduces the green and yellow snakes. Move the snakes around so that the green snake can escape from the basket. The second puzzle set adds apples and mushrooms. A snake can eat an apple but that will make it longer, leaving less room to move. On the other hand, some puzzles contain mushrooms that will shrink a snake, giving you more space. Use all these elements wisely to solve the puzzles using as few moves as possible. Can you untangle the snakes and help the green snake exit the basket?Snake Slider features:* Beautiful hand-drawn graphics* High resolution graphics* Intuitive controls* 18 puzzles* Gradually increasing difficulty* Multi-language support (en, de, fr, it, es, pt, nl, dk, hu, pl, cs)* Automatic save-gameRead what the reviewers are saying:"It's fun! Definitely one of the best puzzle apps of 2012." -- GAMES Magazine"If you like sliding-tile puzzles, check out Snake Slider — it’ll have you in knots." -- GeekDad/Wired"Beautiful and relaxing brainteasers!", "Great little puzzler" -- user reviewsTags: snake,slider,slide,serpent,puzzle,riddle,exit,escape,unblock,untangle,think,brain,braintrainer,block,key,lock,tile


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