Troll Face Camera

Troll Face Camera

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Troll Face Camera应用介绍:

Turn your friends into trolls! This augmented reality app modifies your camera preview in real time. Point this camera at your friends, and watch as their face transforms into the troll of 4chan fame.Supports up to 10 faces simultaneously.---Instructions---Hold the camera in landscape mode, and move the camera until a face is visible in the screen. The face recognition works best when you are close to the person, and facing straight on.After a few moments, a troll face ("rage face") should appear in place of your friend's face! This app works fine with multiple people, so you can get group shots as well.Note: Older devices may have trouble with the frame rate. A lot of CPU power is required to track faces in realtime. If you're having difficulty, or the troll face isn't moving when a person moves in the frame, just hold the camera steady for a few seconds and the image should stabilize.---Permissions---CAMERA - Required to show the camera preview :)ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET_ACCESS - Required for error reporting and Google Analytics.This app collects anonymous usage information using Google Analytics. This basically means we'll track the number of times the app is opened. Pretty simple. No personally identifiable information is collected.---Feedback---Any comments or questions, please email me at thebigbyte@gmail.comHave fun! :)


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