熊猫涂鸦 Pandoodle

熊猫涂鸦 Pandoodle

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从爪子画出最短路径,使用正确的颜色的涂鸦。绘制了另一种颜色混合它们,并创建一个新的颜色。尝试使用最少量的墨水来获得3星。 “一个隐藏的宝石,绝对精辟创新的益智游戏,华丽的图形了。 ” - 用户评论 Doodle Link是一个非常具有挑战性和丰富的心灵之谜。你会经过一个整个学习过程,以发现这一难题的技巧和解决水平。如果你喜欢迷你游戏,如切断绳子或流量免费,你一定要检查Doodle Link 。 产品特点:* 125水平,有趣和具有挑战性的,精心设计的。 (更多即将推出)* 5的世界与真棒不同的机制:熊猫,兔子,猫,狼是谜书的主人。 (更多即将推出)* 教学水平,以了解如何发挥* 美丽的手工制作的设计。* 儿童模式,您可以在其中自由绘画。* 时间攻击模式,你速度不够快?* 提示,帮助获得3星级的水平谜 Doodle Link是游戏的更新版本以前发布的Pandoodle 。 ------------------------------- Draw the shortest path from the paws to the doodles using the right colors. Draw over another color to mix them and create a new color. Try to use the least amount of ink to get 3 stars. "A hidden gem. Absolutely brilliantly innovative puzzler. Gorgeous graphics too." - user review Doodle Link is a very challenging and enriching mind puzzle. You will go through a whole learning process in order to discover the puzzle tricks and solve the levels. If you like mini-games like Cut the Rope or Flow Free, you should definitely check Doodle Link. Features: * 125 levels, interesting and challenging, carefully designed. (more coming soon) * 5 worlds with awesome different mechanics: Panda, Rabbit, Cat and Wolf puzzle masters books. (more coming soon) * Tutorial levels to learn how to play * A beautiful handcrafted look and feel. * Kids Mode, in which you can draw freely. * Time Attack Mode, are you fast enough? * Hints that help acquiring 3 stars on puzzle levels Panda Book: Panda will teach you the basic about drawing and painting doodles. Rabbit Book: Rabbit will puzzle you with teleport portals, which can help you a lot finding alternative ways. Cat Book: Cat will show you the confusing and challenging drawing mirrors. Wolf Book: Wolf will introduce you to movement riddles, in which timing is also important. More Reviews: "Great game! Must have. This game is relaxing and fun at the same time. A nice break from traditional game types." "Simple, fun and challenging Great concept, well executed" "Fantastic! My son loved it." "Simple challenging and cute" "Excellent game! Brilliant concept well executed. To marks love it. Should be a huge hit!" "Colorful brain bender I like the theme, I like the colors, and I like the play mechanic. It's simple and clever but sometimes very devious!" "Awesome! Just awesome!" Doodle Link is a newer version of the game previously released as Pandoodle.


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