HD Full Caller ID

HD Full Caller ID

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HD Full Caller ID is a caller screen for your android phone.By using "Caller ID -HD" you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, SMS and missed calls etc.Set full screen HD photos for your friend's calls & texts and also customize screen with many additional themes like (cartoon theme, love theme, transformer theme, horror theme, Halloween theme, couple theme, nature theme, abstract theme, sea theme, real painting theme, assassin theme).Caller ID -HD supports big and full incoming & outgoing call screen. Caller ID -HD is easy, simple and convenient to use. It provides full screen for incoming & outgoing calls. Set your favorite images then enjoy with big full screen.FEATURES of Caller ID -HD:-------------------:- high resolution pictures can be set for both landscape & portrait mode:- easy call picking by given buttons:- full screen notification for incoming calls:- full screen notification for outgoing calls:- full screen notification for missed calls:- full screen notification for SMS:- choose full screen caller id for all or only a few contact:- very easy zoom in zoom out option:- use additional themes already given with app:- eye soothing animations and graphics.


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