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NoteBook HD is a simple but handy notepad App. it can also used as a to do list. NoteBook HD is a Notepad/ Notes App for Android. It’s just a simple Notes app which comes with many useful features. NoteBook HD give you a simple but smart note editing experience when you write notes, memo, email, message, shopping list or to do list. It has very nice user interface and handy animations to make it more attractive. NoteBook HD makes taking a note easier than other note pad apps. NoteBook HD allows you to share your notes through facebook or any other social media. You can also send notes as a SMS or a MMS. You can create colorful notes with this simple note pad. Unlike many other notes apps, there is a dedicated field for the title. **Features** - Better look and feel.- Auto save notes on exit.- Share notes through Facebook and Twitter.- Send notes as a text message.- Notes list view and card view.- To do list view and card view.- Email notes/ todo list.- Dedicated titles per each note.- Specially designed to support HD displays.- Compatible with any phone and tablet. tags: notepad, notebook, notes, evernote, colornotes, note everything, simple notpad. 노트 ملاحظات notas 注釈 笔记 **PLEASE NOTE**This App is compliant with all of Google’s Content Policy requirements, as published on July 31, 2012.


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