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The Superman SuperBright Flashlight is finally available for FREE for all Android users. We finally wanted to create a flashlight app that we feel is the very best and brightest application on the market place.The Man Of Steel has never been so much fun with this Super Bright Flashlight.What better way to pay tribute to the most popular superhero of all time.Please enjoy the many themed backgrounds and high resolution pictures of this very awesome flashlight application.Get the Brightest Free of charge Flashlight on the Android Market with this very strong super flash LED Superman Flashlight.Save your money on expensive flashlights and batteries. Let your Android phone do all the work.Find your way in the dark with super Bright Flashlight, or "LAMP" feature.Easy and quick 6 second installation on your Android Phone. incredibly simple and useful flashlight with different Flash intensity options. Did I mention its yours for Free!This easy to install application uses your own device's LED as a flashlight. We use your phone's Flash feature to emit an extremely Bright Light.As a bonus we offer a "LAMP" feature, where you have the ability to use your cel-phone screen as a background light. Great for reading, and or any other activity that only needs low to moderate light, as opposed to the high intensity LED flash.We maximized the use of Flash and Lamp features without wasting valuable battery usage.Use color "LAMP" feature to read books or use at Dance clubs as a strobe light option.Comes with "AUTO SHUT OFF" feature in "SETTINGS" tab.Brightest flashlight with 2 setting features for intensity option.We offer Bonus "LAMP" feature with different color Lights to choose from any of Superman's colors (red/white/yellow/blue)Optional "Timer" Feature giving you the ability to either shut off the FLASH immediately to conserve battery time, or leave it on for 2 Minutes/5 Minutes/10 minutes/Or leave the flashlight on for as long as you like without any timer restrictions.Change the "LAMP" colors on phone screen to any option your choose.Use "FLASH" feature to take pictures in dark or low light intensity places.Flash turns on automatically. All you have to do is Press the clearly visible "POWER" in the center part of the screen, and we do the rest.Click the "LAMP" graphic in top right of screen to choose different "LAMP" color options.This application is completely Free and supports almost all android phone devices with LED(FLASH).If for any reason you have any forced closes or any other issues with installation, there is no need to right a negative review as we will fix this right away for you to install correctly. All you need to do is send an email to us.(EMAIL IS PROVIDED IN UNDER CONTACT INFO)We support all flash devices currently, and will keep you updated with any android phones that we may not support down the road. Please note that on some phones, such as the Samsung GALAXY for example, you might not be able to turn the flashlight off by pressing the Power Button. All you would simply have to do in this case is press the BACK button on your smart phone and this will automatically resolve the issue. This has nothing to do with us, but rather an issue with the Galaxy.We hope you enjoy this wonderful high quality Flashlight application as This is by far the best Flashlight superbright application on Google play!No Icons and No Annoying Push ads!You can optout notification ads from:Airpush Optout: mobile landing page that the user is directed to has an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom, which opts-out a user with a single click.When you click on advertisements delivered bySuperman BrightFree FlashlightYou will typically be directed to a third-party’s web page. We may pass certain information to the third parties operating or hosting these pages, including your email address, phone number, and a list of other apps on your device.






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