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Welcome to the New Republic of Texas App!This is the mobile application that everyone who loves Texas absolutely MUST have. This app will keep you informed about what is going on in and around Texas. Use the app to stay informed about the New Republic of Texas Radio show. See the schedules for the shows. Contact us to participate and listen to the radio show recordings, all within the app. See all the great New Republic of Texas merchandise and order yours today through the app. Want to find the place most members have recommended to have BBQ in Austin; it’s there. You can send us photos of the things you love in Texas.look at the photo gallery to see pictures of the things we love about Texas too. Get the app and keep in touch with the folks that are at the forefront of Texas sovereignty, New Republic of Texas, and have the opportunity to add your voice to thousands of Texas Patriots. Download the app now and join us at New Republic of Texas. Get the New Republic of Texas App and enjoy great features like:* Radio Show Schedules*NRT Merchandise Ordering*Submit Your Photos of Texas* Around Texas - Mapping of Great Things in Texas*Fan Wall - Join in the Conversation on Our Fan Wall*Radio Show Recordings so you can listen anywhere* Shopping for New Republic of Texas Merchandise*Contact Us - One Touch to connect with New Republic of Texas*Gallery of Photos of what makes Texas great






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