Muslim Salat Times

Muslim Salat Times

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Salat Times gives you Muslim Salat Times for each city worldwide. It’s your ideal companion to keep track of muslim prayers wherever around the world. Salat Times displays following times : Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. Prayers times calculation is entirely configurable with following parameters : * Calculation Method (Egypt, ISNA, Jafari, Karachi, Makkah, MWL, Tehran, UOIF)* Juristic Method (Hanafi, Shafii)* High Adjustment (Angle Based, Mid Night, One Seventh, None)* Time format (12-Hour format, 24-Hour format) Other features==============* Qibla Direction* Stores your favorite cities to know prayers times for these cities.* Location of your current city via GPS* Next prayer time is displayed in particular color* Enable notifications to be notified when time for next prayer is now !* Enable Adhan when time for next prayer is now !* 4x2 widget that displays prayers times for your current location that is detected thanks to GPS* Share prayers times for cities via SMS, mail or social networks thanks to a generated image of prayers times* Help menu explains you meanings of prayers times and the meanings of calculation parameters* Customize style of the application (text color of city and prayers names, text color of date, text color of next prayer). Localization============Salat Times supports English and French. If you want translate Salat Times to another language, don’t hesitate to contact me ( If you have feedback, bugs to submit (explain the bug by mail rather than send a bad comment which don't let me to fix it), or ideas to improve Salat Times, feel free to send me an email.


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