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Mia Runs

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Like in a typical teen adventure movie, Mia is everything that a brave and young heroine should be. But she is scared of something that is chasing after her! Put your reflexes to the test - push the jump and slide buttons to help Mia run by avoiding dangerous obstacles and collect maximum coins to pay her hospital bills when injured. Yes, an ambulance comes rushing to Mia’s aid the moment she is hurt. So, Mia Runs but do you have it in you to guide her all along and see how far can she run!Features- 3D game based on real laws of Physics- Mia can run, jump and slide- Cactus, ponds, bricks and thorn-beds are the obstacles Mia should avoid- An ambulance comes to Mia’s aid the moment she is hurt- Hospital bills are calculated based on the number of bones damaged- Never-ending fun game like Temple RunMia Runs is an incredible, endless game play that comes to you from the makes of DragRace Venice, Zombie ShooterKeywords girl runner,running game,slide,jump,action game--------------------------Note: To keep the app free and for the effort we put in the app. The app uses push and icon ads for monetization. Thanks for your support. You can opt-out of these anytime using the opt out link provided in the app.Our game also has EULA license at the beginning of the game for you to accept or close on push notification and icon ads.


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