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Aegean Airlines

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Now, Aegean Airlines travelers have the tool they need while on the go. The Aegean app helps you take control of your travel experience.
The Aegean app offers you:
- Book Aegean flights directly from your Android
- Mobile Check-in: paperless check in capability (in selected airports)
- Miles&Bonus: ability to access your account info details (Total miles, Total miles awarded, Account activities, no of miles to upgrade), and make a redemption request via a simple click to call.
My Booking: Checking your flight details at any time
- Timetable: View the complete flights schedule
- Travel Services: A pool of services to cover your travel needs
- Aegean latest News
- City Guides for all Aegean destinations
- Lounge Finder: all information for all Aegean airport lounges
- Airport guide: information about the airport location
- Baggage: All you need to know about your baggage when travelling.
- Travel Guide: Useful information before your trip.
- Hotels: check hotel availability and make your booking through your mobile (in co-operation with
- Weather: a complete 4 day forecast for all our destinations
- Hertz Locations: information for all Hertz outlets in our domestic destinations
- Social Networks: Link to Aegean pages in Facebook and Twitter
- Parking reminder: Take a picture of your parking spot, save your location and/or write yourself a note in order to remember where you left your car when you return from your trip.
- Multilingual: Services offered in 6 languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

Minor bugfixes

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