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Easy to inspect

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Make inspections easy! Check, Report, Analyse!Save time and money! Improve efficiency of inspections! Make better analyses, in less time!Start our free 30-day trial today!Easytoinspect is designed for conducting an internal business check, inspection and audit. For all these areas Easytoinspect supplies a checklist: behaviour, transport, quality, environment, security, food safety, medical, safety, SHEQ, QHSE, HSE or leisure.Easytoinspect’s distinguishing feature is that it enables you to carry out analyses of the conducted inspections. At the push of a button, a professional or consultant immediately has valuable information available that can be used for problem analysis or in management reports.Easytoinspect is a useful tool that assists you during inspections, checks and audits required for your certification (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, TAPA, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, OHSAS, SCC), permits (environment, safety) and regulations (health safety at work, medical, hygiene, ADR, ISPS, C-TPAT, AEO).Easytoinspect can be used by professionals (e.g. quality manager, safety co-ordinator, medical specialist), but also by the manager (e.g. team leader, foreman, site manager) and advisor or consultant.Easytoinspect can be used in all branches of industry. Wherever the user has a smartphone or tablet available, Easytoinspect can be used. The app works offline, so even when you do not have an internet connection, the inspection can be conducted. The results can be forwarded later when a connection is available (3G of Wifi).CheckWith the Easytoinspect checklist, conducting a complete check of all relevant topics is easy and quick. Use our app (iOS and Andriod) to conduct an inspection on location. Whether you have an internet connection or not, the App always works. The inspection data are saved onto your smartphone or tablet. Do you prefer to work up the results at the office? That is also possible! Enter the results in the webbased portal ( Plus and Premium ).With our premium version, several colleagues can use the App and send their inspections to the database.ReportWhen an inspection is conducted, you will be sent a PDF file via email. You can share the report immediately and plan your actions accordingly, should that be necessary.Would you like to add to or adjust the report? In the web environment the report can be viewed and edited. The edited report can be printed, saved as a PDF file or archived as a Word document. In our Premium version the administrator can also view, edit, save and print all your colleagues’ reports.AnalyseThe outcomes can be analysed periodically for frequent problem areas and causes.Export the analysis and use tables and diagrams for management reports. In the Premium version you, the administrator, can also analyse all your colleagues’ reports. Features• All checklists always available• Select your favorite checklists• Use the camera of your device• Add remarks and actions• Add reasons / causes• Online and Offline App • Report PDF to email• Webbased access to report• 1 year license• Online checklist (webbased)• Analysis of checklists• Multiple users• Analysis multiple usersStart our free 30-day trail today!Select your languageDutch, English, German, FrenchHelp & SupportOur solution was designed to be easy to use. We attempt to have all functions work the way you would expect them to.If you need help, please contact us: support@easytoinspect.com


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