AARP Member Advantages

AARP Member Advantages

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AARP offers, discounts and coupons from your favorite and closest local shops, restaurants, and services are available whenever you may go! No need to always carry your card around as your phone can serve as both your AARP ID and your coupons! AARP Member Advantages delivers relevant and closest discounts including:
• Travel: Airfare, Hotels, Train Rail, Car Rentals, Cruises, Vacations
• Dining/Entertainment: Restaurants, Coffee, Pizza, Movie Tickets
• Shopping: Electronics, Packages, Toys, Flowers, Sears
• Services: Auto Repair, Towing, Oil Changes, Maintenance, Tires, Legal
• Health and Wellness: Eye Care and Glasses, Prescriptions, Walgreens Rewards
View your offers, discounts and coupons in a variety of ways, ranging from where they are closest to you on a map, where you’re traveling, what you’re looking to do, and what your favorite stops are around town! Wherever you travel or visit, whether in town or on the road, you can check AARP Member Advantages to find if a discount or free coupon is available.
If there are certain offers or daily deals you want to know about, AARP Member Advantages can send them to you free when they’re available so you can take advantage of them the moment they come in! So don’t worry about not knowing what coupons are available to you as AARP lets you know when and where you are recognized for your AARP membership!

- Updated the Privacy Policy Page

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