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Keep up to date with Top Gear HQ, 24 hours a day Have you always wanted more Top Gear in your life? Then good news! Here is our brand new Top Gear News App, with all all the latest news, videos and random nonsense direct from the Top Gear team. And it’s completely free to download and use. With our splendid new app your phone will receive: • All the latest news, rants, video and reviews live from Top Gear HQ • Behind the scenes exclusives from the three presenters • Your favourite clips from Top Gear TV • All the latest cars driven in our reviews section Once downloaded, you can read content offline without an internet connection - great for tube or train journeys. You can also alert your friends and share content directly from the app on Facebook, Twitter or via email. So there you have it: the new Top Gear News app on your phone. And it’s completely free. Wonderful. 齿轮HQ,每天24小时随时获得有关飞利浦 您是否一直想多齿顶在你的生活?然后,好消息!这是我们的全新顶级齿轮新闻应用程序,所有所有的最新消息,视频和随机废话,直接从顶部齿轮队。而且它是完全免费下载和使用。 我们辉煌的新的应用程序,您的手机会收到: •所有的最新消息,咆哮,视频和评论从顶部齿轮HQ的生活•从三个主持人的独家幕后•您最喜爱的片段从顶部齿轮电视•所有最新的汽车驾驶在我们的评论部分 下载完成后,你可以阅读没有一个互联网连接的情况下脱机内容 - 伟大的地铁或火车行程。直接从应用程序在Facebook,Twitter或通过电子邮件,您还可以提醒你的朋友,共享内容。 所以你有:新的顶级齿轮新闻应用程序在您的手机上。而且它是完全免费的。好极了。


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