Amplified Bible

Amplified Bible

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We bring you this version of the Holy Bible called the Amplified Bible. It includes a read aloud function, easily controlled by you through a SPEAK ON / OFF button inside each chapter. You will be able to follow the holy scriptures while driving, cooking or attending any kind of task that would not allow you to read. Furthermore, this Amplified Bible version Includes adjectives and synonyms expanding the main idea words on each verse, in order to give you a better scope on God's Word. You will also find extra expanding concepts for key verses, at the end of several chapters.The Amplified Bible is a nice reading and listening material for every Christian, including scholars and students, fulfilling the task as a spiritual guidance for your biblical study. Notes: 1) The reading text inside this Android App will self adjust it's size depending of your phone or tablet's screen size, aiming for an easy, uncluttered, reading experience. 2) The Speak aloud function may not be installed or configured in your Android device. This Android app will pop up a message box telling you about the need of installing or configuring the voice function inside your Android Device. You may do so by getting into your Android´s home screen, opening the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu and scrolling down into the Language & Input option. Inside you will find the Text to Speech configuration panel.


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