Newborn twins girls games

Newborn twins girls games

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Hi, how are you? Do you want to do something exciting today? If you want to do a good work we have a solution, we will provide you an opportunity, you will have to help a young mother who is going to born the two children. Our young friend is very stressed. Mary wants to have two healthy children and therefore very she needs the help from a doctor. Do you think you can play the role of a responsible and professional doctor? If you think you can offer your help then this is the perfect kids game for you, you will have the opportunity to prove to everyone that you're a very good doctor.
Please be very careful because Mary is unwell and needs all your support.
Follow all instructions of this new born baby game for kids.
Good luck!
1) You will enter into the cabinet and you will meet Mary;
2) The young woman is waiting for you to see her;
3) Check her heartbeat;
4) Make an ultrasound to see that babies are healthy;
5) Now she is ready to born;
6) After the two children are born please sit them in bed and then you have to consult them;
7) Children are very healthy;
8) Prepare the room where they will stand;
9) You have to do cleaning;
10) Decorate the room to be very beautiful;
11) Young mother and her children feel good and everything is due to a very good doctor.
Thank you for your help, you are a good friend and please come back to help us through this cleaning game for girls.
Have fun!


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