Woodwork Builder Funny Game

Woodwork Builder Funny Game

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Wanna play a new puzzle game? If you like puzzle games, physics games and funny games, then try our latest release: Woodwork Builder. In woodwork builder there are 25 challenging levels to solve, so you won't be bored quickly. A game for kids with colorful graphics and easy to understand game-play.It is a combination of a physics and puzzle game that is fun to play. It can be played either by kids or grown ups, both will enjoy it. The levels will start easy to let you get used to the controls, but it will become harder each level. You have to drag the objects to the marked spot in each level, you can use the other items to reach the marked spot by placing them on top of each other. And if you have multiple items you can even staple them together (so they will not fall too easily). See the full instructions in the game, there are info balloons with some help text in the first couple of levels.This fun game for kids can be played on your phone or tablet, we hope you will like it as much as we do. It is for sure a great puzzle adventure to play to have some fun for hours. So where are you waiting for, start playing and become an woodwork engineer and show your skills by solving all 25 levels.This woodwork builder game is available for FREE. This game is simple to learn and great fun to play, ideal for your children.Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or follow us on facebook and twitter to get noticed first with more new free apps and free games:LIKE US - https://www.facebook.com/NowGamezFOLLOW US - https://www.twitter.com/nowgamezVISIT US - http://www.nowgamez.comChallenge your facebook friends and invite them with the facebook share button, lets see if they can beat you in this new fun free puzzle game.


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