Madpet Half-pipe

Madpet Half-pipe

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Do you like skateboarding? Then you must try this cool skateboarding game! This is not Tony Hawk but crazy Madpet Half-pipe!Madpet Half-pipe is a cool high-scores skateboarding game with 3 game modes, 5 skateboarders to choose from and many cool tricks and combos!How to play: While landed on the half-pipe press and hold the POWER button (left part of the screen) to setup the power, release it after the leaving the half-pipe and do your tricks by pressing the tricks buttons (right part of the screen), after landing the current power will be added to total power. Total power will bring you a higher jump!Practice in free-ride or try 2 skateboarding highscores modes - Challenge or Big Jump! In the challenge mode you must get the stated amount of score to progress to the next level, watch out for timelimit! In the big jump you have one jump with full power to perform the best tricks possible!* totally free!* global highscores!* addicting!* 3 game modes!* beautiful cartoon graphics!* madpet skateboarders!What are you waiting for? Grab a skateboard and lets go!A must for all skateboarders!Please rate and leave a comment, if you like the game! Try also my other FREE HIGHSCORES games if you like this one ;)


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