Hidden Object - Where Ghosts Dwell Free

Hidden Object - Where Ghosts Dwell Free

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Experience the magical work of Stephanie Herrera in her follow up game to Where Fairies Dwell! Where Ghosts Dwell has 15 beautifully crafted levels all for free! Three different modes of play! -NORMAL mode, Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds! -CASUAL Mode, nice and relaxing experience. -CHALLENGE Mode, an extra challenge for those that are willing to accept! Three ways to find items! -Find items by their PICTURE. This is the easiest mode and great for kids. -Find by items by the WORD. This is great if your child is just learning how to read and a slight step up in difficulty for everyone. -Find items by SILHOUETTE. This is a tricky way to play that will often surprise you once you finally find the correct object. Hints are available if you get stuck! 体验神奇的工作,斯蒂芬妮·埃雷拉在她后续游戏如仙女停留!鬼在哪里停留有15个制作精美的一切都是免费的! 三种不同的游戏模式!正常模式,定时,有限的提示和令人兴奋的奖金回合!休闲模式,宜人和轻松的体验。挑战模式,为那些愿意接受一个额外的挑战! 三种方法寻找项​​目!查找资料,他们的照片。这是最简单的模式,非常适合孩子们。查找通过商品WORD。这是伟大的,如果你的孩子刚刚学习如何阅读和轻微的步骤在每个人的困难。查找资料由轮廓。这是一个棘手的方式来播放,往往会令你感到惊讶,一旦你终于找到了正确的对象。 提示如果你被卡住了!


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